Todays New Tech Gadgets

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Todays New Tech Gadgets

Mark Cantor

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 It seems there has been a heavy increase in new tech “robots” that essentially can do anything. Gadgets that are used everyday to make your day much easier. Below are 5 examples of today’s newly introduced gadgets that will prove beneficial in any part of your daily routine.  

The first gadget is used daily by 1.9 billion people today. The smartphone. One of the most advanced phones is the Samsung galaxy S10. Featuring a finger print scanner, an advanced camera setup, a built-in stereo speaker, and a storage size of 1 TB. This phone, to people from 50 years ago, is a thing of the future.  

The second gadget is a robot. A talking, feeling, and seeing robot.  The Anki Vector robot sidekick. It can fully interact with you, answering questions, reacting when you touch it, and even play games with you. This robot is truly your sidekick solely created to help you with whatever you need at the time.  

Third, the Apple watch series 4. A couple years ago people wore watches just to keep track of time. With this watch you can not only check the time but check incoming messages, calls, your location, play music, and even keep track of your heart rate. This watch has just about everything it needs in order to call it a smartphone on your wrist.  

The fourth gadget is a quadcopter drone. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Its used to capture aerial photography and video with amazing 20 mp photos and 4k video resolution. The drone can deliver up to 31 minutes of flight time, omni directional obstacle sensing, and precise object tracking abilities. For photographers and pretty much everybody else, this new type of birds eye view footage is a new way of seeing the world we live in today.  

Lastly, a gadget that helps you sleep as well as wakes you in the morning. The Philips Somneo is clinically proven to improve sleep and help users feel more refreshed when they wake in the morning. It can simulate a natural sunrise and sunset and play a plethora of soothing sounds. This intuitive gadget is beneficial to your health as a good slumber is vital to our bodies.  

Gadgets such as these may seem to be regularly created but this is no bad thing. Gadgets as these have been created to benefit and improve our daily lives.    


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