Baseball Tryouts


Ben Smith

Walking up to the plate, wiping the sweat off my brow watching as the pitcher winds up as he releases the ball, spinning closer and closer. Cocking back the bat waiting for the crack of the bat hitting the ball, launching it over the fence.

Spring sports are officially here with baseball tryouts starting up and many are excited for the season to begin.  

The Mustang’s baseball team has a promising season this year. From the previous 2018 season the Mustangs made it to the regional finals but did not finish strong, losing to Bel Air 7-4. The team is hoping to go all the way this year 

Asking many of the senior players on the team what they were looking forward to for their last season, they replied with, “Coaches are going to be good this year. I’m excited to see how the season goes”- Jake Spurlock.

With the season just starting up many are excited for the shenanigans that occur during practices. Senior Christian Vineyard says, “Really looking forward to these haircuts” haircuts meaning when the whole team gets hair cuts for playoffs.  

Many are excited for the fun moment’s baseball has to offer, but some are just ready for the games to begin. Nate Dziwulski says he’s “Chasing rings” trying to go all the way. As for Noah Springer “Hopeful of crushing every team that we play”. 

The whole team is stoked for the real season to take off, awaiting the fun moments baseball offers and are ready to take it all the way.