C. Milton Wright Tennis Interview


Matt Tritto

Spring sports are finally upon us. With spring sports comes one of my favorites to watch, tennis. Many people are looking forward to the season. Despite an upsetting playoff run last year they hope to bounce back and make it as far as possible. 

I interviewed returning player Thomas Tweedie in his regards for the upcoming season. He has goals for himself, his teammates and the team. 

What are your expectations for this season as a team? 

“To get a lot of easy dubs.” 

What are some personal goals for this season? 

“To one day beat Brian Pham.” 

Do you play singles, doubles, or both and what is your favorite? 

“I play whatever the coach tells me, but doubles are my favorite.” 

Do you think you’re going to start this year? 


How many wins do you expect to have this year? 

“I myself personally expect to go undefeated.” 

I’m looking forward to seeing where the tennis teams goes this year in a quest for the title. I will be specifically watching Tom Tweedie as he strives for greatness in his hopes of an undefeated season.