Award Show Viewership Dropping

Bryce Irwin

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Recently awards show like the Oscars and Grammys have seen a decline in viewership. Oscar views went from 43.7 million in 2014 to 29.6 million this year. People aren’t watching award shows as much as they used to and there’s a very good reason why, politics. 

Usually news that comes from these shows  are celebrities giving speeches that involve topics such as Trump, feminism, diversity, and LGBTQ+ representation. Many viewers dislike politics in the entertainment industry, it’s a messy topic and many people are annoyed by political messages, mainly those from the left, taking hold in the entertainment industry. 

Hollywood is no stranger to pushing unpopular views, ever since the 1920’s Hollywood has been using films to talk about taboo topics like racism, feminism, and prohibition. At the time people loved it, these were huge topics that nobody else wanted to talk about that were being shown across the nation to millions of people. But now these topics aren’t that relevant to the average American and the entertainment industry, movies especially, are becoming more and more politicized. 

Many people also don’t like how these rich and famous celebrities complain about America when they simply can’t relate to a vast majority of the country. They have millions of dollars and live in big cushy mansions, some own literal castles. There are millions of people who can barely afford apartments. They’re rich, powerful, and don’t have to worry about not affording rent or paying off student debt. They then proceed to complain and attack Trump’s supporters who are mainly working-class Americans, the very people who buy tickets to watch their movies.  

In short people don’t like award shows because they’re too politicized and it’s just rich people patting themselves on the back and reminding everyone they’re rich and famous then give politically charged speeches. Many Americans don’t like this and thus stop watching these award shows. 

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