Why Students Have to Kick Senioritis

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Why Students Have to Kick Senioritis

Lauren Dooling

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As students begin third quarter seniors are really starting to only think about summer and the start of college which are both extremely exciting. Although, even if they don’t want to, seniors must stay focused for many reasons in order to enjoy these things to come. 

Students should keep fighting through the rest of the school year because many colleges will ask for a final transcript and seniors don’t want to show the college they have been thinking about attending all year, that their grades slipped. 

In addition, seniors should want to finish their last year of high school strong not just for colleges, but for themselves too. Many students have worked extremely hard to get the grades that they have and finishing with those strong grades is going to make students feel so accomplished and show others how hard they’ve worked and how determined they are in future endeavors. 

Seniors should also be pushed to work hard for the rest of the year because no one wants to spend their summer trying to finish a credit, that could ruin your summer and resulting in less time to relax before college begins. 

Also the chance of not being able to walk at graduation should motivate students to persevere through their remaining time at CMW. Almost not graduating after four years would be difficult and would cause even more stress than the stress you might feel throughout the third and fourth quarter.  

Finally, students should continue to work through the rest of the year because there’s less than 50 school days left for seniors and if they have made it this far, then they can make it through the last two quarters. Istudents put in the work, then seniors will be able to look forward to their last summer before college as well as their first year of college.  

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