Workouts for 2019 Football Season

Anthony Riportella

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The 2018 football season has drawn to a close for the Mustangs, which ended with an 4-6 record, but the returning players have already started workouts for next season. The Mustangs have only nine games next year because the county got rid of one regular season game to add one more playoff round so more teams can make the playoffs.

The Mustangs look to break some bad streaks next year as they hope to beat Bel Air for the first time since Bush was president. They also are looking to win the homecoming game for the first time in around 10 years. 

The team will have a very good coaching staff next year as they bring Coach French back another year to be the Head Coach. He has put together a very good staff that the players know and like. A huge difference from last year is that they are way ahead of where they were last year. Last year the football team didn’t even have a head coach until the end of April.  

This year the team has an Arena Club trainer at every workout day to show them what workouts to do and if they’re doing it right. A player said, “I feel much better after workouts than last year because now we have a coach who knows what he’s talking about when it comes to working out.” This team has high hopes for a great season for the 2019-2020 school year. This is the same team that went 8-2 when they were on JV and they were still missing a lot of key players that were on varsity. This year will hopefully be different than last year, it’s all about if the team can stay healthy.