Mustang Hoops

Quincy Haughton

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The Mustangs Defeated Centennial High School 42-26 last Thursday.  It was a rough game for the Mustangs because of their turnovers on the offensive end.  But their defense was the key to winning the game.  Their relentless efforts on the defensive end, blocking shots and forcing the eagles to pick up the ball, made them scared to shoot a layup or attack the rim.  Tonight, the Mustangs travel to “The Den” and compete against the Fallston Cougars.  Senior Forward Brye Hopkins says “If we can limit our turnovers on offense, it gives them less chances to score in transition”.  The game is at 6:45pm and is being played at Fallston High School.   

The Mustangs pulled out a well-deserved victory with the score being 72-37.  The Mustangs took a commanding 19-6 lead after the first quarter.  In the game, Huner Sigler had two monster dunks in the first half giving the Mustangs energy to pull out the victory in the second half.  Coach Jon Stefanides took out the starter and put in the bench unit and they were putting in work.  Michael Cummings finished with 10 points and 4 assists.   

Next, the Mustangs compete against the Harford Tech Cobras (5-6).  Come out and support your fellow Mustangs on their road to victory!