Baltimore Ravens Defeated in Playoffs

Anthony Riportella

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The NFL playoffs have officially started. Wild Card weekend flew by and ended with four very close game. Sadly, for Ravens fans, their season ended with a close game that came down to the very last drive.

The Ravens were losing by twenty in the fourth quarter and had to figure out what adjustments they needed to make to get back into the game. Lamar led the Ravens two quick scoring drives with 45 seconds left and zero timeouts. Lamar was stripped on the final drive and the Chargers pick it up to clinch a divisional playoff spot. 

It was a tough loss for the Ravens. Lamar did not have his best game as he had -2 passing yards at the end of the third quarter. Lamar ended up with 194 passing yards and two touchdowns. He got hot too late. Some Ravens fans were getting annoyed with Lamar and wanted to see something new. Some fans wanted to see Joe Flacco because of his playoff experience. Others didn’t want him to go in because if he gets hurt then the Ravens would not be able to trade him next year. 

The Ravens couldn’t get past the fifty-yard line until the fourth quarter, unless the Ravens defense could get a turnover. A Ravens fan said, “Lamar isn’t having his best game, give Flacco a chance.” And another fan said, “I didn’t want Flacco in because I don’t want him to get hurt so we can trade him.”

A lot of Ravens fans were very frustrated with the final score of the game. The Ravens will be back next year stronger with Lamar having more experience in the NFL and they might pick up some free agents to help their team out. As the Chargers move on to the divisional round, they will have to beat the New England Patriots to get to the AFC Championship

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