Winter Break Activities

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Winter Break Activities

Madison Stokes

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Winter break can get boring after a while of being home and doing nothing for two weeks straight. There are many options one can do over winter break, which include, watching Netflix, going ice skating, baking cookies, cleaning out their closet, or going out to eat with friends or family. 

Watching Netflix is the easiest and fastest way to ease some boredom. There are many new things being added to Netflix this December, including, ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin” a major comedy hit with Steven Carrel and Seth Rogan, “You” about a sociopath stalking a girl he likes, starring Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell, and “The Princess Switch,” starring Vanessa Hudgens which is about a princess that switches places with a commoner that looks exactly like her. 

Next, when one is bored over break, they can go skating at Ice World, located in Edgewood. Open skate is on Fridays from 7:30 PM-10:00 PM. There are two separate rinks and drink and snacks available for purchase when skating starts to make one hungry. There are also arcade games in the eating area. It’s $10 for admission and $4 to rent skates. 

The third thing to do when bored is to bake cookies or any other holiday treats. Recipes are available for baking on the Betty Crocker website. The cookies can be homemade or made from a pre-existing cookie mix. Recipes for gingerbread and sugar cookies can be found on the website too. 

Fourth, cleaning out one’s closet when bored can be fun and an efficient activity for the New Year. It can allow someone to re-style their closet or get rid of old clothes that no longer fit. It can also help organize winter and summer clothes, so no one panics when trying to find an outfit to wear for a family event. 

Lastly, one can go out to eat with their friends. There are many places to eat in Bel Air such as Sunny Day Café, open from 7AM-3PM, serving mainly breakfast foods, Vagabond Sandwich Company, open from 10AM-9PM, serving many different sandwiches and a variety of soups, and The Lodge, open from 11AM-2AM, serving dinner entrees and appetizers, which is perfect for a family dinner.  

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