Real Trees vs. Fake Trees


Christian Trombley

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree. A popular question among people is having a real tree better, or a fake tree. Today more consumers are starting to get fake trees instead of real trees, which used to be popular, due to simply because it’s easier to manage and you can reuse it year after year. Although more and more people prefer fake trees, many people like real trees. Many consumers prefer a real tree because it’s an authentic Christmas activity to go to a tree farm and cut your own tree. Also, a real tree fills your home with a crisp Christmas aroma great for the holidays. Real Christmas trees offer an authentic Christmas feeling to the holidays.

Although you do get pine needles all on your floor it is not hard to manage with little water needed every few days. Having a real tree also looks great and can’t be matched with any fake one. At the end of the holidays it easy to dispose of and can be composted. Real trees are eco-friendly and bring the Christmas spirit to your home.