Holiday Shopping Safety

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Holiday Shopping Safety

Katelyn O’Connor

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With Christmas just around the corner, people who didn’t go out in the Black Friday shopping madness are now scrambling to get gifts. Because of this, safety often becomes an issue for many, with the high tensions of meeting the holiday deadline. Here are a few tips that will help people to prevent the dangers of shopping from impacting them.  

  1. Don’t carry cash: If possible, it is better to pay with a card instead of cash. A card can be replaced without loss of money, and if a card is used fraudulently, the card holder is only liable for $50.  Cash cannot be replaced like money on a card can be retrieved with a new card.
  2. Go out with a plan: Wandering around without a plan sets more of a risk in, not only losing track of what is being searched for, but also if something is left behind there’s less of a chance of finding it. If a plan is made from the start, steps can be retraced to find lost belongings.  
  3. Lock cars: Despite whether there are gifts in the car or not, the car should always remain locked unless someone is entering or exiting the vehicle. This helps to secure safety with limiting theft. ***ANOTHER TIP: If shopping alone, especially at night, only unlock the driver’s side of the car when entering.*** 
  4. Put gifts into the trunk or under the seats: Hiding gifts will cause less temptation to someone to try and steal a gift they were looking for as well. 
  5. Keep purses/wallets close: Deter pick pocketers from stealing personal belongings by keeping everything close. Carry a purse with a short strap or a wallet inside a coat pocket. A small purse with a cross strap can be purchased from Target for only $17.99. This is important to have shopping everywhere, but especially important if shopping in a big city if taking a trip to somewhere like New York.  
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