Bad Gifts for White Elephant

Michael Tomaszewski

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Tis the season of terrible gifts and ugly sweaters, but there is a fun way to dispose of them. White Elephant is a holiday tradition when people give unwanted or needed gifts to others as a joke. Most people can relate to getting an ugly sweater from your family or a weird gift from your friends. Here are some examples of what some students got.  

Josh Crowe- Received a classic ugly reindeer sweater from his grandfather  

Jameel Saccoh- Got a Neymar jersey (he likes Messi and Ronaldo)  

Anton Tumaliwan- Got a Navy jacket (he committed to West point)  

Jake Shields-Received a pair of fuzzy dice for his car  

Noah Jagdman- Gave his brother a pineapple hat 

Kam Brown- Got Red Dead Redemption II on Xbox, he owns a PlayStation 

Colby Bransky- Gave his girlfriend girl scout cookies and popcorn 

Noah Witherspoon- Received a bread maker from his aunt 

Nate Dziwulski- Got an antique penguin from his uncle  

What are some weird, or bad gifts you got? Should CMW do a school wide white elephant for fun? Leave a comment below.  


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