Welcoming the New School Counselor

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Welcoming the New School Counselor

Lauren Dooling

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Mr. Liewald is a new school counselor to CMW.  Although early admission college applications and class changes are almost complete, it’s a good time to welcome the new counselor along with learning more about him.

When asked if he’s felt welcomed at CMW thus far, he mentioned, “CMW is where I am supposed to be at this point in my life. CMW is a very good school and the students are even better. I have felt very welcomed as a new staff member by the staff, students, and the parents at CMW”.

This is Mr. Liewald’s “first year in the school system, however my Master’s degree is in School Counseling.”

Before he came to C. Milton Wright, he was a Behavior Therapist for three years. “My job was to perform and compose behavior assessments and behavior plans for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

Coming to CMW can be hard and it’s a big adjustment.. There are a lot of students and staff and it can be a bit daunting for anyone, especially a new counselor. His job is to get to know and help as many students as he can and that can be difficult within a large school atmosphere. “CMW is a very large school, so I have not met all of the students just yet, but I have met quite a few of my students, and some others as well.”

Mr. Liewald stated that he is trying to get to know students. “My plan to meet more of the students at CMW is by being very visible. That means interacting in the hallways, the media center, and in the cafeteria.”

Mr. Liewald just wants to make sure that students know that he’s approachable and that his door is always open for anyone that needs anything.

As a new addition to CMW, Mr. Liewald noted “One of the main goals I have as a school counselor is to help to promote a positive, accepting environment at CMW. I want the students at CMW to be the example of what respectful human beings,” are.

He also mentioned one of his biggest goals. “I would like to make sure that intolerance and bullying of all kinds declines by the end of the year”.

Lastly, Mr. Liewald ended with a note to all the students at CMW. “I just want to tell the students that I will always do my best to be available to listen, talk, or assist with any of their individual needs. I don’t like unfinished business, so I always try to make sure things are finished or resolved in a timely fashion.”

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