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College Professors vs. High School Teachers: The Harsh Truth about Both

Taylor Knoebel

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“In college, professors won’t accept late work. Professors won’t use PowerPoints or help you with notes. Professors are strict about due dates and won’t accept late work…” In high school, teachers insist that college will be extremely difficult and won’t cater to their students’ needs.  However it is the exact opposite. As a part-time student, I experience both levels of education and notice the difference in atmosphere.

In high school, teachers consistently battle their students for power and control over the classroom. They attempt to assert their dominance by yelling and implementing strict rules. The new phone rule is a perfect example – teachers want the attention and respect they believe they deserve so they forbid the thing that could distract students for a few minutes. However, what teachers in high school don’t understand is how little they actually matter.

In college, professors are on their phones taking phone calls or answering texts, and don’t care if their students do the same. As long as the student is not distracting the entire class, the professor will not care, and will expect the student to do the work to catch back up if he wants. College has an adult atmosphere that is respectful and sometimes personal. The professors will cancel class if they don’t want to have it, they will cuss and make jokes, and generally be more like a trusted colleague than a professor.

However, in high school, teachers insist they are powerful and the atmosphere becomes juvenile and strict. Teachers don’t share personal information, insist that what they are saying and teaching matters, and generally attempt to be superior. High school teachers demand respect but do not always earn it. Students end up hating high school teachers because of their rules and superior attitude, but don’t realize college is much different.

In college, my professor said “I don’t care if your work is late, as long as it is your best.” However, in high school, teachers insist they are being generous by allowing late work for a few points off. The atmosphere in high school is disappointing because the teachers insist on asserting their dominance and importance, whereas college professors realize they’re not the all-knowing and all controlling Gods in life.

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College Professors vs. High School Teachers: The Harsh Truth about Both