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Problems for YouTube

Caroline Dooling

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The weekend following the week of March 13 was when #YoutubeIsOverParty began trending and started a huge wave of hate towards YouTube. Many wondered why people began to show so much hate towards Youtube and what happened spread like wildfire.

When you go to YouTube, you have a choice of whether or not you want it to be on Restricted Mode. This is a big option when you have small children watching videos online.  Restricted Mode basically blocks content that could be considered inappropriate. A lot of videos involve things that are very inappropriate for children like cursing, which makes this a good and smart option for parents.

But, people began to notice that when on Restricted Mode, you weren’t able to access LGBT+ content.  This doesn’t just mean their videos that might describe events too graphic or inappropriate for children, this blocked a lot of the videos made by Youtubers that identified as Gay, Bi-sexual or Transgender.

YouTube said that they were blocked because those videos were considered to be discussing “sensitive issues” but never clarified what exactly that meant. People began thinking that Youtube considered LGBT+ content was not appropriate for children.

This decision on Youtube’s part was ill advised because of the backlash they endured by not just the LGBT+ community and the Youtubers who had some content blocked, but also by people who stand with the community and other YouTubers. The Youtubers who had some content blocked didn’t waste anytime to recognize it and to hold Youtube accountable. Some of these creators include huge Youtubers like Tyler Oakley, Joey Graceffa, Tegan and Sara, Gigi Gorgeous, Connor Franta, etc. It also blocked content from smaller Youtubers like Fiona, SeaineLove, Rowan Ellis and countless others.

YouTube responded that this was a mistake and that they were working to fix the problem. They blamed the wrongful labeling of some videos and apologized for the trouble it had caused.  YouTube apologized, but this event brings up the question of whether or not videos involving LGBT+ content is inappropriate for your children.

Inappropriate or not youtube was a way to escape for a lot of the creators who went through hard times when trying to figure out who there were and what their sexuality was. This is such a big deal because these creators felt they had been silenced, not allowed to share their stories with viewers maybe going through the same thing. Many find refuge in Youtube and love it for what it is and how it allows people to do what they want, but this might change how people feel about it in the long term even after the problem is fixed.


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Problems for YouTube