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2016-2017 Staff

Thomas Tweedie

Staff Writer

Tom Tweedie Sophomore CMW Tennis player Recreational Basketball Legend/ The Pool Store Guy I once had a Mike Tyson face tattoo...

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Carlie Insley

Staff Writer

Carlie Insley Sophomore SOCC, field hockey Skiing, listening to music, hanging with friends I want to become a dental hygienist...

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Juliana Walter


Juliana Walter Junior Volleyball, Best Buddies, French Club, Younglife Photography, running, volleyball, hiking I have a slight obsession with fruitsnacks.

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Mitch Weaver


Mitch Weaver Junior Varsity Golf and Varsity Lacrosse Surfing, snowboarding, and golf. I can tickle my back with my foot.

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Julianna Simon


Julianna Simon Junior SGA, NHS, Communications Director of Best Buddies, Junior Class Council, Track and Field, Yearbook staff, Newspaper staff Dancer at Forest Hill Dance Center, Works at Dairy Queen, avid music lover ...

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Kayla Serp


Kayla Serp Senior I am a part of the Creative Writing class, Wrighting Center, Book Club, Pep Band, and Marching Band. I love to read, write, and go on hikes. I have a fear of butterflies....

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Angela Mascari


Angela Mascari Senior Chorus, A Capella, Book Club, AP Statistics, Aiding for the library Reading, Writing, Makeup, Singing, Baking I love kids and want to be a teacher when I graduate....

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Amanda Kutcher


Amanda Kutcher Junior School interests: cross country, track, best buddies, jcc. Outside interests: soccer, music. An interesting statement: I like playing music....

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Ava Krivosh


Ava Krivosh Junior Soccer, Softball, Best Buddies, French National Honors Society, National Honors Society, Junior Class Council, Student Government Association I work as a Surf Rescue Technician (as fancy word for Lif...

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Greg Komondor

Sports Reporter

Gregory Komondor Junior Football, Lacrosse, SGA Long walks on the beach, Romantic dinners, poetry, cuddling, Reading Romantic Novels I’m a lover, not a fighter.

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Jake Hofmann

Sports Reporter

Jake Hofmann Junior Football and Lacrosse Playing Madden, Qdoba and Sinowak, doing homework. An interesting fact about me is that I have Bell’s Palsy.

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Georgia Hamann


Georgia Hamann Senior Dance, AP English, AP Pysch, Creative Writing, Wrighting Center, Book Club, NHS, Guitar Writing, Reading, Fashion, Biking, Hiking, Playing music A fun fact about me is that I love cats. Also, I...

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Nate Grauel

Sports Reporter

Nathan Grauel Junior Football and lacrosse Fishing, Madden, and watching the Ravens I am "the finesse kid".

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Caroline Collins


Caroline Collins Senior Plays on the soccer team, Stand Up for Autism, Best Buddies, band, yearbook, senior mentor. Free time: Soccer, works at Creative Cow, likes watching Netflix. Interesting fact: Is a triplet....

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Cara Blanton


Cara Blanton Senior  Tennis, Senior Class Council, a Secretary of Tri-M, German NHS, A-cappella Choir. Student leader at church, CFA worker, a whole lot of tennis and avid 80’s movie watcher. I have been playing t...

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Jake Bishop

Sport Reporter

Jake Bishop Junior Basketball Basketball,  swimming, and playing with my dog. I predicted Super Bowl 50 match up.

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Karigan Wright


Karigan Wright Academic Year: Senior School Interests: Stage Wright, Band, Stand Up For Autism, SGA, Senior Mentor Outside Interests: Barista at Coffee Coffee, enjoys reading and writing Fun Fact: This is my 3rd year...

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Casey Tinney


Casey Tinney Senior School Interests: Band, Senior Class Council, Senior Mentor, Stand Up for Autism. Outside Interests: Works at Ripken Stadium. This is my third year writing for the paper....

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Amanda Irwin


Amanda Irwin Senior Math NHS, Stand Up for Autism, Senior Mentor. Internship at a physical therapy clinic. I have 3 dogs.

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